Fwd: Update from Fr. Craig, and links to a video you might enjoy.

Jennifer and I made a video in lieu of our normal School Chapel service.  We had hoped to splice together the various segments into one video, but the computer didn’t want to do it.  So, you have to click on these in order (see below).  This video was made with the little ones in mind, but I thought you “big kids” might enjoy it also!
I hope that all are doing well.  The church and school are fine, although it’s so eerie with nobody around.  I went this morning to change the sanctuary candle—which still burns brightly, and to pray for awhile.  Also, on Sunday, Jennifer and I prayed Morning Prayer together in the church.  It made us feel good to do so, and to sort of spiritually represent so many of you, who likely wanted to be there but couldn’t because of these extraordinary circumstances. 
I feel as though I’m waking up in a new world every day.  I’m sure many others feel the same.  I’m so grateful for the gorgeous weather we’ve been enjoying.  The songbirds and beautiful blossoms everywhere are such a blessing.  My dog has been enjoying the frequent walks, and my fishes are getting fat.  I’ve been more attentive lately, and have been feeding them 3 times a day.  I’ve been dusting off old volumes of my favorite books.  I have enough to last me for years.  Jennifer is practicing her violin, and enjoys waking up the boys with screeching sounds.  They’re always groaning when she practices, and so she sometimes threatens to remove the mute if they don’t toe the line around the house!
I hope this finds you well.  Do continue to nurture your spiritual life, and to pray for peace and wellbeing in our world.  Remember especially those who are on the front lines in these stressful times.  Also, please let me know if you need help with anything.  I can be reached at cdalferes115@gmail.com, or alternatively, at 985-790-1086. 
Please watch in this order:
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