Fwd: Enjoy this week’s SMEC eNewsletter (8.1.18)

Please enjoy the attached newsletter. Inside you’ll find: 1) Craig’s
Corner: St. Matthew’s Best Kept Secret 2) Calling all recent high school
graduates who might be attending LSU 3) Youth Lock-In and Sunday School
Kickoff is fast approaching: Aug. 26 Yesterday, St. Matthew’s hosted a
delicious gumbo luncheon for the faculty and staff at Legion Park
Elementary. Mr. Lynn Kelley worked his magic and everyone so obviously
enjoyed and appreciated it. Many thanks to Lynn for his so generously
“feeding the troops”! Also, please know that our baptismal font will soon
be put to good use August 26! Let me know if you or someone you know might
be welcoming of the sacrament of Baptism. I’m so looking forward to
baptizing some babies! Be blessed, Fr. Craig

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