Fwd: Enjoy this weeks SMEC eNewsletter (6.28.18)

Inside you’ll find:
1) Craig’s Corner: “How To Grow a Garden in a Desert” (w/ an embedded link
to online Morning/Evening Prayer)
2) July B’days and anniversaries
3) Thank you note from Legion Park Elementary School
4) Mr. M’s sage advice to our SMES 7th graders as they leave for high
school next year
Bishop Jenkins will be our guest Celebrant and Preacher this Sunday (July
1), as I’ll be away on our Youth Mission Trip to Georgia. Please keep our
team in your prayers. I’m so delighted to know there’ll be a short prayer
service for us on Monday at 10 AM in the church. Thanks in advance for all
who plan to participate! What a blessing this is. See you in church, Fr.

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