Fwd: Enjoy this week’s SMEC eNewsletter (3.11.20)


Inside the attached PDF please find:
1) Craig’s Corner:  “Abide”
2)  Flyer for Art Under the Oaks (Note, we may be postponing this event to a later date)
I’m participating in a video conference tomorrow to discuss with the Bishop and clergy plans for Sunday worship.  Like all institutions we are adapting to the threat posed by the coronavirus.  I want to encourage those who may be in high-risk groups (older people, those with underlying illnesses, those with weakened immune systems, and anyone who is experiencing symptoms) to consider not coming to church until further notification.  
Meanwhile, those of us able to continue will be vigilant about our hygiene.  As I will emphasize Sunday, those wishing to abstain from receiving from the common chalice may certainly do so.  It is sufficient to receive communion in one kind only.  Dipping the communion bread into the wine (intinction) is discouraged as it is apparently more likely to spread germs, rather than less likely.  
Also, there may be folks who prefer to avoid shaking hands, hugging, and other such signs of affection.  So I ask to please honor that person's wishes.  I’m trying to model this by shaking hands and hugging less, although I must admit I’m failing miserably!  Telling Cajuns not to hug and shake hands is like telling us not to breathe!  But do please be mindful that some may be more reserved than usual, and that’s ok.  
We will not pass the plate as normal, but rather leave them out on a table.  This will minimize many fingers touching the plate.  Please remember to wash hands frequently and well.  Also, we’ve placed hand sanitizer out in the church and parish hall.
If you’d like to tune in to worship from home, you can see the service at Christ Church Cathedral in New Olreans at
https://wgso.com at 10 AM.  They are also on radio frequency WGSO 990AM.