Fwd: Enjoy this week’s SMEC eNewsletter (10.30.19)


If you click on the attached PDF, here’s what you’ll see:
1) Craig’s Corner — Shine!
2) Beautiful “thank you” note from Louis Children’s Crisis Center (Our Youth Group took up a collection over the summer and donated the proceeds)
3) We’re accepting food donations in November, which will be donated to the Good Samaritan Food Bank
4) NOV 17 we’ll enjoy a Fettuccini plate lunch…thank you Mr. Lynn Kelley!
5) Great Pics of 4H, and also Red Ribbon week (the craziest socks you ever did see!)
6) Calling all veterans! On Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, at 8 AM, Hunt Downer will be our guest speaker for chapel….All veterans are invited to join us.
See you in church,