Fwd: Enjoy this week’s chapel…5/29–The Calling of St. Matthew


Congratulations to all our recent graduates and their families!  I hope this finds you well.  I plan to continue to send these videos out each week until Bishop Thompson determines that we may safely resume worshiping in the church.  
We at JC Productions continue to learn more about doing these videos.  Glenn & Jessica Blair generously provided us with a brand new GoPro camera and tripod, which produces higher video quality w/o the image jumping around as much.  We'll continue to use this device to record services, even when we go back to church, so that our members who are not yet comfortable returning may see the worship service on Youtube.  So, we're learning  to adapt so we can continue to minister in this new context.  Also, I'm so proud of our Head of School, Larke Leonard, as well as our faculty, staff, administrative team and Board.  She and others have come up with a comprehensive plan for safely re-opening St. Matthew's Episcopal School next year.  A great deal of care is being taken to insure the safety of all concerned.  We are blessed with great creativity, cooperation and commitment to adapt to whatever Covid 19 throws at us in the coming weeks and months.  
 We have a special treat in today's chapel recording.  Jennifer and David West have put together a duet which is just beautiful, and seems so fitting given our current circumstances.  So enjoy.  Keep the faith, and I do so look forward to when we can all gather together again.  What a joyous day that will be!